Yorkville Cellars
Creating Magnificent Organic Wines for More Than 30 Years

The only place in the world that grows all of the great grapes of Bordeaux on one property

Located in the Yorkville Highlands, Yorkville Cellars is found not long after you leave Highway 101 for Highway 128 as you’re heading to Mendocino, and makes a nice early stop on your trip in to the Mendocino Coast. They are a one-of-a-kind winery, offering all eight Bordeaux varietals as single bottlings – the property is stunning, the wines are fantastic, and the staff is always friendly. This really is the kind of winery that showcases what sets Mendocino apart from its neighbors as a wine destination.

First of all, if you have hesitations about ‘organic wine’, leave those at the door. Yorkville Cellars has been California Certified Organic since 1986, and their wines are only served by this distinction. Secondly, if you have a few specific varietals you taste, and you tend to eschew others, leave that at the door as well. Yorkville Cellars produces some rarer varietals as single-bottle wines, and they are well worth tasting.

Yorkville Cellars

25701 California 128
Yorkville, CA

If you love Bordeaux wine, this is a winery that will surprise and impress you – and may just educate you. They make a classic Bordeaux blend: Richard the Lionheart. They also break out each of the individual varietals into their own wines, allowing you to taste each of the elements that make up the King of Wine on their own merits. They have a cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, malbec, petite verdot, and carmenére. Tasting each of these in isolation is an eye-opening experience, and they can walk you through each of the taste elements and how they affect the overall blend. On the white side they offer a semillon, sauvignon blanc, and white blend (Eleanor of Aquitaine). They also have some incredible dessert wines – do not miss the late-harvest sauvignon blanc. And for a very fun, very rare treat, try malbec three ways: traditional single-bottle, sweet malbec dessert wine, and a sparkling malbec brut rosé!

There really is nothing like Yorkville Cellars to see the great wines of Bordeaux in an entirely new way. And the winery’s commitment for over 30 years to sustainable, organic practices puts them a step above the rest. This is a ‘must-visit’ winery for those who don’t absolutely need pinot noir on their tasting menu.