Skunk Train
Experience the Redwoods in Style

Explore old-growth redwoods on board a historic train in the heart of the Mendocino Coast

All aboard! If you’re looking for an incredible, unique way to see the majesty of Mendocino’s old-growth redwood trees, you’ll find it in the historic Skunk Train.

Build as a logging railroad in 1885, the Skunk Train is a Mendocino institution. Named after the odor the motorcars used to emit as they would approach (thankfully no longer the case), the Skunk now serves as a sightseeing railroad.

There are many incredible ways to enjoy the Skunk Train. Departing daily from Fort Bragg, you can choose from an array of different trips throughout the year – from a half-day excursion to Northspur, to a Sunset BBQ excursion, to trips to camp on the beautiful Noyo River at an old Boy Scout camp. This is fun for all ages – and especially for the train lover in your family – and is an entirely dog-friendly trip as well.

Skunk Train

100 West Laurel Street
Fort Bragg, CA

Throughout the year the Skunk Train also offers some of Mendocino’s best seasonal events. For the foodie, there’s the world-renowned Mushroom, Wine, and Beer Train – where visitors take a scenic train ride to the camp where they will feast on mushroom dishes from local chefs and taste local wines and beer. For families looking for a once-in-a-lifetime way to spend the holidays, there’s the festive Christmas Train – here riders are welcome to wear their pajamas, as they enjoy holiday treats and beverages, join in caroling, meet Santa’s helpers, and eventually are greeted by Santa himself!

Even a normal trip on the Skunk Train is far from ordinary. Your conductor will share some of the logging history of the Mendocino Coast with you during your journey, and beloved “Train Singer” Greg Schindel may make his way up and down the cars singing old-timey tunes while accompanying himself on guitar and harmonica. An open-air car offers some of the best views of the redwoods and the beautiful Noyo River, and even on rainier days the Skunk Train is a great way to see the redwoods while staying dry.