Seaside Beach
The Perfect Sunset Every Time

The quintessential Mendocino sunset beach

Seaside Beach is a hidden gem on the Mendocino Coast, a bit further off the beaten path, but well worth the extra drive. Located 10 miles north of Fort Bragg, the road is fairly curvy, so expect to spend half an hour getting here from the village of Mendocino. There is no large parking lot, but there is usually parking available on both the east and west sides of the highway. Seaside is a white sandy beach – relatively uncommon on the Mendocino Coast – and is a favorite among families visiting the area. You’ll usually spot some skim boarders and the occasional ocean kayaker out in the water, and groups enjoying the sunshine on the sand. Seaside is also an incredibly popular spot among photographers – local and visiting alike – because the sunset views are stunning, and highlighted by a large rock outcropping that perfectly frames a shot. See if you can spot the highly-photographed “whale rock” as well – definitely one of the photographic gems of Mendocino!

Seaside Beach Highway 1

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Seaside is such a popular Mendocino Coast beach is the fact that it is pet-friendly – not only that, it is one of the few off-leash beaches on the coast. Here you’re free to let your well-mannered dog run along the beach – carefully attended, of course. Both locals and visitors use the beach as a fun place to play with their dogs, so it’s a great place for your pet to make new friends and unwind after a long drive. Seaside is a good stroll, and is bounded on the southern end by the Ten Mile river, separating the non-pet-friendly Ten Mile beach from Seaside.