Pudding Creek Beach
A Gateway to Family Fun

Walk the trestle bridge from Fort Bragg to Ten Mile Beach, or enjoy family fun on this sprawling beach

Pudding Creek is one of the most scenic beaches on the Mendocino Coast, and a stunning place to watch the sun set. Located at the north end of Fort Bragg, this beach is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The beach features bountiful tide pools to explore at low tide, great rocks to climb, and some beautiful sandy dunes for sunbathing.

The beach is located directly under the Pudding Creek Trestle, an old railroad bridge that was recently restored as part of an upgrade to the Ten Mile hiking trail. This trail follows the path of the old Ten Mile railroad, which was used to haul lumber from Ten Mile river (about ten miles north of Fort Bragg) to the mill on the headlands of Fort Bragg. The ‘Haul Road’ as it’s known to locals, is an excellent place to walk dogs, hike, or ride your bike. Park near Glass Beach, by turning west at the stoplight on the north end of Fort Bragg, and follow the path north to MacKerricher State Park, or all the way to the massive sand dunes ten miles north of town.

Pudding Creek

1111 N. Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA

In addition to the wide walking road that follows the coast, there are a myriad of smaller coastal trails that lead out to the bluffs, and down to smaller beaches along the way. Keep in mind that while dogs are allowed on-leash on the road itself, and on Pudding Creek beach, they are generally not allowed on the smaller beaches or bluffs along the road – as these are nesting habitat for the endangered snowy plover.

This is a very popular beach by Mendocino standards, but you still will likely find it relatively empty. It’s easy enough, even on the most beautiful days, to find a patch of sand that’s all your own – and if you walk to the far north of the beach you can usually find quite a bit of privacy. Up the hill you’ll find the popular Beachcomber Motel – a great choice of an affordable place to stay if you want to be in Fort Bragg with an amazing view.