A magical wonderland of towering redwood trees, crashing waves, rolling vineyards, and towns outside of time. Come explore our little corner of paradise and discover quaint Mendocino hotels, world-class restaurants, award-winning wineries, empty beaches, and some of the best hiking on earth.

  • Escape the Bay: Five Days in Wonderland

    Discover the Mendocino Coast with this five-day itinerary, highlighting outdoor adventure, amazing wine and beer, and world-class dining.

  • Romantic Mendocino Getaways

    Whisk your loved one away for a weekend of bliss on the Mendocino Coast – beautiful views, food, and peaceful tranquility.

  • Tidepooling in Mendocino

    The intertidal zone awaits! Starfish, urchin, anemones, nudibranchs, seals, crabs, and more. An entire world, just beneath the waves!

  • Russian Gulch

    Wind your way through towering redwoods and primeval fern canyons to a cascading thirty-foot waterfall, one of the gems of Mendocino.

  • Glass Beach

    A beach made of glass awaits you in Fort Bragg, where multi-colored sea glass glitters on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

  • B Bryan Preserve

    Make new friends at B Bryan Preserve, a working preserve for African hoofstock, including giraffes, zebra, and antelope.

  • Skunk Train

    Take a ride on the Skunk and enjoy the majestic redwoods in style, from a train that has been serving this route for over a century.

  • Catch-a-Canoe

    Paddle the protected Big River estuary aboard hand-made redwood outriggers and discover seals, otters, herons, and more!

  • Golfing in Mendocino

    Take in a round of golf on one of the most beautiful coastal golf courses in the country, with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.