Phillips Hill
World-Class Wines in an Old Apple Dryer Barn

An artist’s approach to wine, embracing the unique terroir of Mendocino in every bottle

What happens when an up-and-coming young artist starts a winery? Something truly amazing. Discover Phillips Hill Winery, located on one of the most beautiful properties in Mendocino County, and showcasing pinot noir of astounding depth and character.

Over the years winemaker Toby Hill’s style has matured and evolved towards truly terroir-driven wines. Wines are sourced from nearby vineyards throughout the Anderson Valley, Mendocino Ridge, and Comptche – and tend towards lower-alcohol, subtle expressions of the land and weather.

The Phillips Hill tasting room is located on the site of the old Standish winery, in the Deep End of the Anderson Valley. This is really one of the gems of the Valley – and one of the most beautiful sites in Mendocino. The tasting room is in a restored two-story apple dryer barn, from the days when the Anderson Valley was home to orchards instead of vineyards, and is an incredible scenic destination – perfect for photographs, picnics, or just wandering. During warmer days tasting actually happens outside, on the lower level of the apple barn, alongside a small creek that runs to the Navarro River.

Phillips Hill Winery

5101 California 128
Philo, CA

Little touches added by Toby and his partner Natacha really add depth to the experience here. Next door to the tasting room is a ‘sensory room’, where you’ll find glass enclosures with key tasting elements underneath them. Lift the enclosures and breath deeply to intensely experience many of the aromas you’ll discover later in the wines. This is a wonderful journey through what really makes tasting tick, and a rarity to find at a small-scale winery like this.

The property is about as scenic as it gets. From the restored apple barn to other, smaller, structures dotting the property, to the aging orchards, to sweeping vineyards, to ponds and lakes dotting the hillside, to massive sprawling willow trees – this is the quintessentially bucolic Mendocino experience. Picnic tables are on site, so you may want to pack lunch and enjoy it with a bottle of world-class wine.

Phillips Hill focuses on pinot noir from a selection of local vineyards that varies from year to year, but always includes some of the most incredible fruit in the Anderson Valley. In addition to pinot noir, Phillips Hill produces a tempranillo, chardonnay, and gewürztraminer.