Mendocino Hotels to Make Your Dreams Come True

Mendocino is a land of magical bed and breakfasts, world-class eco-resorts, and multi-generation family inns. The hotels of the Mendocino Coast are as unique as the destination itself, with each offering their own take on the Mendocino experience.

You’ll want to look at a few things when choosing your Mendocino hotel. Location may be important to you, especially if you have limits on the amount you wish to drive, and know where you’ll be spending most of your days. Hotels and motels in Fort Bragg are generally more affordable than those in Mendocino and Little River, but you are then fifteen minutes north of the village of Mendocino. Further afield you may find incredibly unique hotels that are much more remote – such as those in the tiny town of Westport (population 60) about an hour north of Mendocino, or those in the Anderson Valley. For most people, however, we recommend staying somewhere between Fort Bragg and Little River, as this will give you a wide range of hotel options, without forcing you to drive extensively.

Views are very important to many people, and a number of Mendocino hotels have truly exquisite views. Make sure to check their website or call and ask about ocean views if these are important to you. Especially during the whale season, it can be wonderful to sit out on the deck of your room with a pair of binoculars and spy the whales as they pass by. The majority of hotels on the Mendocino Coast do actually have some form of ocean view – but you’ll notice a wide range in just how excellent these views are.

You’ll also want to take into account amenities. Mendocino is a spread out region, and unless you’re staying at a hotel in the actual village of Mendocino, walking anywhere probably isn’t feasible. Many hotels on the Mendocino Coast have their own in-house restaurants, however, with room service options for breakfast and dinner. Some also include in-room massage and an on-site spa. One or two even feature on-site activities such as golf, swimming, canoes, and tennis.

Finally, make sure the atmosphere of the hotel fits the kind of trip you want to have. Some of the smaller bed and breakfasts are very intimate, with the owner bringing you breakfast each morning, and individually appointed rooms with a country charm. Others aim for a slightly more contemporary chic aesthetic – more and more of the small hotels on the Mendocino Coast are updating their decor and offerings to reflect modern sensibilities. No matter where you stay, you won’t find a cold or corporate feel, but it’s still important to choose somewhere that fulfills the dream of Mendocino you want to create.

The Stanford Inn Eco-Resort

The Stanford Inn

The Beachcomber Motel

The Beachcomber Motel